Our Services

Anticipating and meeting your individual needs, Specialty RX provides:

  • The maintenance of a comprehensive inventory of Plan Formulary Drugs commonly used in LTC
  • Customized Multi-Dose packaging for your facility
  • The capacity to provide IV Medications
  • The provision of an “emergency” supply of medications in compliance with State requirements
  • Pharmacist on call 24/7 to handle emergencies
  • Our own dependable drivers and 24/7 delivery service

Your individual needs are met through every layer of service…

A representative will be assigned to tailor a service plan specifically for your facility. If you have questions at any time you’ll know exactly whom to contact. Instead of an automated system, you’ll speak to a live person who is intimately familiar with your needs. Our Client Service Division is a paradigm of seamless personal interaction between our team of professionals and your facility. We are always available to help – be it to prepare for an upcoming survey or to train in new staff.

We have well-established relationships with regional pharmacies across the Tri-state area who are ready to back us up in case of emergency – such as inclement weather or a shortage of a specific medication.

Med Dispensation Made Easy for ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES

These innovative tamper-resistant medication cards allow users to see-at-a-glance if
their pills were taken. Medications can be dispensed as a 7-day therapy to work around med changes or as a 28-day supply for stable residents.

  • Easy-to-follow color-coding prearranged by time and date
  • Perforated blister packs can be easily detached and used as pill cup
  • Blister packs can hold up to approx. 14 medications, 7 days a week capacity
  • Resident’s name and medication information clearly displayed on each med section
  • Allows for quicker med pass time and decreased chance of error

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